The Basics of Open-to-Buy eLearning Kit

 Online training course + "In the cloud" calculator

Merchandise management is both an art and a science.

  • The Buyer in a retail operation provides the "art": taste and judgment.

  • The ROI's Basics of Open-to-Buy Kit teaches the "science" - the math - of projecting and controlling inventory. And, provides the "executive calculator" - the BUYING PLAN Forecaster - that automates the number crunching!

Using this eLearning Kit is easy and fast

Go through the self-paced online training course, Projecting & Controlling INVENTORY BUYING. At your own pace. As many times as you want.

Then use the "in the cloud" BUYING PLAN Forecaster as much and as often as you wish. No additional cost.  Online, on-demand, 24/7.

Sound merchandise management is crucial for the survival and prosperity of every retail business, whether bricks-and-mortar, online, or special order.




eLearning Course Overview

  • How to control inventory by managing Sales, Margins, Turns, and On-Order;

  • How and why to do an inventory buying plan;

  • The four-part formula for inventory buying (also known as "Open-to-Buy");

  • What turnover is, and how to set turnover targets;

  • How retail sales seasonality affects inventory buying;

  • How to use the online BUYING PLAN Forecaster to "automate" Open-to-Buy planning.


BUYING PLAN Forecaster

The BUYING PLAN Forecaster is one of The ROI's Executive Calculators for Retailers. It is available online, "in the cloud", 24/7 for 30 days with the Open-to-Buy BASICS Kit.

As a training tool, it shows the cause-effect relationships of managing inventory. And, as a practical working tool, it enables you to do your own Open-to-Buy plans, in minutes! All the formulas are built in. Nothing to download or install. It just works!

Enter numbers you know (your expectations for sales and margins.) Set the targeted turnover rate. Immediately see a monthly buying plan! (And its GMROI!)

Enter merchandise on-order; immediately see Net Open-to-Buy.

Make any changes to sales, margins, turns - immediately see new Open-to-Buy plan!


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