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Why an "Owners Center?"

"The most overlooked and under-performed job in retailing today is the job of being the Owner."
---The ROI Co-Founders

The ROI believes that failures in retail are traceable not to weak management, nor to weak staff. Instead, most retail failures can be traced directly to Owners failing to do their "Owner's Job."

Few recognize – or appreciate – that being the owner is its own job, separate and distinct from any other job in retailing. But, is it any wonder? Where would anybody get any training on "how to be a good Owner?"

  • After all, there are seminars and workshops for learning to be a good store manager, or buyer.
  • Presidents and CEOs can earn college degrees in business, or management. Maybe even an MBA.
  • But training on being the Owner? Good luck finding that!

That is exactly why The Retail Owners Institute®, already the foremost self-help resource on the basics of retail finance and inventory control, has a special portion of its site dedicated to the Owners Center.

Click the links below, and take a look at what's in each major section. Explanatory how-to articles, lively and empowering webinars, retailer-friendly calculators for comparing options, even self-paced training courses. Practical, proven, do-it-yourself Strategic Retailing resources, specially for Owners. 


Are you an Owner? Or aspiring Owner? The OWNERS Center at The ROI is for you! 


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