How's Your CASH FLOW?

Even a profitable business can experience not having enough cash.

If only retailers had some warning, some indication of the looming shortfalls of cash, they could – and would – make adjustments, right?

After all, cash flow has just three basic parts: Cash Coming IN, Cash Going OUT, and the DIFFERENCE.

This can be calculated very simply, like on the back of an envelope.'s not easy to find envelopes these days! So The ROI has built this basic Cash Flow Gadget to use instead, and put it online for free.


This Cash Flow Gadget is for a short time frame, four months. 

  • Just a few inputs -– we call them guess-timates – are needed.

The key is to get that first draft. It's the launch pad for your decision-making.

Retailers need to be able to make informed decisions about their business, every day. An up-to-date cash flow is essential.

We're glad to be able to make our Cash Flow Gadget available as yet another tool to speed and streamline that decision-making. 

But What About PROFITS?

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