The ROI's SPEEDY Expense Analyzer

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How to use

All you need is a copy of your P&L for a 12-month time period. 

Using the ENTRIES tab, follow Step #1, Step #2 and Step #3: enter the line item expense totals into the SPEEDY Expense Analyzer. 

Then, Step #4: click on the EXPENSE BUCKETS tab

Immediately see how all those expenses sort into useful "buckets." In just a few minutes, you can gain key insights into your expenses. Revealing, isn't it?

What proportion of your total sales are you spending...

- on Selling Expenses? 

- What about Occupancy Expenses? 

- And, that catch-all category, Administrative Expenses? 

Now, how do those compare to your results Last Year?  And to your plan? (Download The ROI's TREND TRACKER master to monitor this.) 

You may have to quickly enter in the expense totals from that previous year on the Entries tab.

Immediately you can see whether any expense categories are taking a greater share of your revenue.

Plus, you will be prepared to start using The ROI's specialized online forecasting and "what if...?" calculators.

And yes, this is another FREE online tool for retailers, available only from The ROI. 

November 17, 2017
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