Question #1

"How does my retail business compare?"

Key Retail Financial Benchmarks

Six Key Metrics • Five-Year Trend Charts

These Key Retail Benchmarks provide important perspective for
"Turning On Your Financial Headlights!" 

Yes, Pre-Tax Profit % and Gross Margin % are most everyone's first stop.

However – the Debt-to-Worth Ratio and Current Ratio are the most significant regarding your financial strength.

And Turnover and GMROI help to explain why the other four are what they are. 

Then, use The ROI's KEY RETAIL RATIOS Calculator. Find your business' vital signs.

Gain New Insights • Fresh Perspective

Key Ratios CalculatorHow are  the "vital signs" for your business?

In seconds, generate 7 key ratios particularly useful for retailers. Auto-magically!
And then, immediately compare your performance to the built-in benchmarks for your retail segment.

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Want More Information on What These Ratios Mean?

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The ROI has developed specialized Assessment Tools for retailers.
Take advantage of them to gain more perspective on your retail business. 

• Index of Sales Potential - Are you maximizing the sales volume from your inventory?
• Monthly Retail Sales Trends vs Last Year - Speaking of sales, how do yours compare to your sector?
• GMROI Growth Rater - Heading for a cash crunch? Or growth opportiunity?

Plus, a qualitative Assessment Tool: Three Stages of Retailers in Decline

The ROI Co-Founders have developed a succinct diagnostic tool for retail viability.
They identified three separate stages of decline, and the "vital sign indicators" of each different stage of decline.
This can be used to assess any retail business – including your own! 

Out-of-control Inventory?

Index of sales potential

What's the sales potential of your inventory?

Most retailers know their average inventory over the year. But the question is this: 
What are the likely sales from that much inventory? 

Here's how to find out. Use our Index of Sales Potential calculator.
See what sales volume other retailers achieve with that much inventory. 

Retail Growth Rater

Is there a cash crunch in your near future?!

Here is a fast, simple, and extremely telling measure of a retailer's financial viability!

Use The ROI's unique GMROI Growth Rater. 

Quick • Verifiable • Sophisticated • Uniquely Retail


Stages of Decline

Stages of Decline in Retailing

Retailers: Are Your Stores "In Decline"?!

The ROI has developed this succinct tool for quickly assessing retail operations on 8 key indicators.

Use this tool to evaluate your own stores. Quickly identify where your business might be at risk. Focus your efforts there first. 

Compare Monthly Sales to Last Year

How are your comp store sales versus last year?

See national sales results compared to the same month in the prior year for the trailing six months.

Quickly compare your sales trends to others in your retail sector. 

Gain valuable perspective!  Monthly Retail Sales Trend Charts

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