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"We ARE going to make a profit, right?!"

Find out for yourself - in minutes! - without having to ask your accountant or bookkeeper. Use The ROI's PROFITS Forecaster.

New! Built-in PROFITS Trend Tracker makes it easy to spot any "speed bumps" that may loom up in your path.


The PROFITS Forecaster is a special retail Profit & Loss projecting tool developed by The Retail Owners Institute specifically for retailers.

All the formulas are built-in. No spreadsheets for you to have to set up. Available online, 24/7. Nothing to install! It just works!

In just minutes, see whether your planned combination of sales, margins and expenses will produce a profit for your business.

  • You enter the numbers you already know: what you expect Sales and Gross Margin percents to be each month.
  • The Expenses go in very quickly, by "buckets", or major categories. (Use The ROI's SPEEDY Expense Analyzer to sort your numbers, if need be.)
  • 5 minutes - maximum - for the inputs. Really!


more info about Profit Planning INPUTS

more info about Expense "BUCKETS"



And that's it!

No need to guess whether you will have a profit. The PROFITS Forecaster turns those few entries into a monthly P&L for the 12-month period. Immediately see "the Bottom Line"!

Plus, see "the Big Picture" of the year's expenses, including as a percent of sales. Makes comparisons to prior years much easier (what are the trends?) Readily identify trouble spots – and opportunities. 

But, What If...?

"What if it shows I won't have a profit? What if it shows a loss? Then what?!"

That's when the PROFITS Forecaster really becomes your new best friend! 

Use it to try out different combinations of sales, margins, and expenses. 

Keep thinking of various "what would happen if I...?" ideas. Run each of those through the PROFITS Forecaster

Fast. Accurate. Built for the Real-Time Decision-Making of Retailers

With the PROFITS Forecaster, you spend your time thinking and planning, NOT fiddling with spreadsheets! Each "what if...?" variation likely will take you less than a minute to enter.

Immediately, the PROFITS Forecaster shows whether that plan will produce a profit.

By being able to compare and contrast the outcomes of different sales plans and expense controls, you soon will have a plan that does "pencil out." 

Now you know what changes to make in your business - and why! That plan sets the direction for your business, like the "white line down the road".


It's not enough to just keep working harder in your retail business.
But by looking ahead and projecting, you can work smarter!


New! Built-In PROFITS Trend Tracker

Easily monitor your progress each month. 

See those numbers in the yellow "unfavorable" column. They let you quickly spot any potential "speed bumps"...while you still have time to adjust! 

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