The Buyer's Tally Sheet

Simple Tool for Keeping on Your Inventory Buying Plan

"Okay, I have my Open-to-Buy plan for each department from The ROI's Open-to-Buy Calculator. I'm off to the buying show, and placing orders online too. How do I keep track of my orders with all those vendors, so I can stay on plan?"


The ROI's MULTI-Department Open-to-Buy Calculator (more info here) gives you the maximum amount of inventory @Cost, by department, by month, that you could receive from the vendors (to meet your sales, margins, and turns goals for that department.)  

The ROI's BUYER'S TALLY SHEET lets you and your buyers easily track orders by vendor by the month they are to be received.

It provides a quick, perpetual reference of orders vis-a-vis departmental OTB budgets. See below for an example of how it works.

Just follow 4 easy steps to put yourself in control of your inventory!

 Click here to download the complimentary .pdf file; print it out as your own master form. Then, make as many photocopies as you and your buyers need.



Step #1: In the top row, enter the months (e.g., July, August, September, etc)

Step #2: In the next row, enter the Department Name.  Then, for reference, fill in the total planned Open-to-Buy @Cost for each month for that department.

Step #3: In the left-hand column, enter each Vendor's name, one per row. In that row, show the dollar total of the orders @Cost you have placed with that Vendor for that Department in the column for the month you expect to receive it. (These are "best guess-timates", of course.)

Step #4: Remember to add up the on-orders for each department for each month, and compare that to the OTB budget amount.  (Ideally, you will have money left in each month in each department for re-orders!)


Click here to download the .pdf file; print it out as your own master form. Then, make as many photocopies as you and your buyers need. 

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