Retailers: You survived 2020. What makes you most proud?

Reflecting back on 2020, you likely will be reminded of a wild and crazy series of changes and adjustments you had to make. 

We imagine that some of those will stand out in your mind: 

  • decisions or choices you had to make; 
  • inventive new ways of doing things; 
  • the carefully-planned response that got sidetracked; 
  • the resilience you had to muster to weather the year. 

Please share with us an example that you were appropriately proud of, no matter its outcome.

That is, what is one of the experiences from 2020 that will continue to stick with you as time goes on?

(And if you have more than one example, all the better. Just enter each one separately.) 


  • Surviving 2020

  • Thank you for sharing this with us. And all the best for 2021!

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